Due to the large size and weight of our products, it is not possible to provide our clients with samples of our machinery. Nevertheless, the quality of our products can be identified through the finished tile and brick made by our machines. We will deliver sample bricks, with postage charges incurred by the client. However, these samples may break during transportation. If you choose to visit our plant, in the sample room you can view model bricks to see the end result of our fine products. Whatever you choose, we will do our best to provide customer with the best service.

1. We will attach quick-wear parts randomly when customer is buying our machine. These key quick-wear parts can save the cost of customer.
2. The shipment of our machine will be arranged within 35 days after we receive the deposit.
3. We have quick-wear parts on sale throughout the year. Customer can buy them from us anytime.
4. The mechanical structure, mould and electronics of our machine can be customized. You can use our machine to make your unique finished products and gain more profits.
5. We have professional installers who will reach you to help fix the machine we sold and teach you how to maintain it.
6. OEM is welcome. We are glad to make a progress together with you.

Kebo Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing is a specialized color concrete roof tile machine, terrazzo tile making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer pavement brick and concrete block making machine, polishing machine, milling machine, and more.

Main Products
  • Pavement Brick and Concrete Block Making Machine Our pavement brick and concrete block making machine adopts double layer spreader and double way system of height and density control to make products intensive homogenous and brilliant. This brick machine can make all kinds of bricks including burn- free brick, perforated brick, hollow block, colored pavement brick, Lawn brick, tracery wall brick, etc. It can mix lots of industrial trashes such as dust and crushed brick into raw material when manufacturing to protect environment...
  • Concrete Brick and Concrete Block Making Machine This concrete brick and concrete block making machine creatively adopts photoelectric system to control the storage of material and the material can be ensured to reach the molding part in time. Thus the risk of extra liquefaction has been removed.
    This machine also can change the extra hydraulic fluid into the energy of strike force required by other parts of machine and use computer to exactly control this procedure.
    This brick making machine professionally adds a swing type feeding device to hopper feeder...