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Main Products
  • Double Layer Stripe Stone / Road Stone Making Machine The working process of our double layer stripe stone or road stone making machine mainly consists of two steps. It uses spreader to stripeing the stone and high pressure to mold the stone. During the procedure, customer can set decide the color thickness and type of stripe of stone.
    Our double layer stripe stone making machine is the most outstanding trait of this machine to combine the stripeing process and stone molding. User can use a mould with designed stripe shape inside to mold the stone and there is no need to mill the finished stone anymore...
  • Kerb Stone / Curbstone / Road Edge Stone Making Machine Our Kerb road edge stone making machine utilizes sand, industrial residue, cinder, slag, etc to make the raw material of road pavement. With a little cement, the raw material can be molded to all types of road-edge stone, color brick, road-edge brick, lawn brick, permeable brick, special brick, etc by this road-edge stone machine. The mould of machine is replaceable. The stone and brick made by this machine are suitable for the road, road, square, highway, etc pavement, which greatly improves the city's ecological environment and beautify urban circumstance by preventing the water and soil loss...