Building Block Machine

Parameters of KBQ6-15 Concrete Brick and Concrete Block Making Machine
Molding speed 15-18s Output per mould
Vibration frequency 1200-4200 times / min or customized 240×115×53 mm (Standard bricks ) ×30
Excitation force 20-50N or customized 390×190×190mm (block bricks) ×6
General power 36.5 KW 240×115×90 mm (perforated bricks) ×18
Ideal daily output 72000 brick (Standard bricks ) 250×250×60 mm (pavement bricks ) ×6
Size of plate made of bamboo 1050×560×30-35mm 225×111×60 mm (pavement bricks ) ×18
Weight 10.8T 200×100×60 mm (18 bricks )
Size 3200×1900×2600mm
Technical Parameters
Molding cycle 25-32 s
Output per cycle 26 standard bricks/4 building bricks/ 12 road bricks
Install capacity 13.5KW
Main weight 3.5 T
AC voltage 380 V Default / Customized
AC frequency 50 Hz Default / Customized
Size 4000 × 3500 × 2300mm

Technical Parameters of the Paving Brick and Concrete Block Machine
Molding pressure: 19T
Molding cycle: 25-32 s
Main power: 9.5KW
Main weight: 3-4T
Size: 8460*6010*2450mm

Lifter, mixer, main body, primary spreader, secondary spreader, plate feeder, brick receiver, mould.

As a professional building block machine manufacturer in China, our company also provides linear polishing machine, cement silo, milling machine, kerb stone making machine, and more.

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