Linear Polishing Machine

Linear Polishing Machine

Our linear polishing machine is a pneumatic mechanical and electrical integration with several cutting heads. The creative design, strict manufacturing, easy operation, low error rate and high performance are all the traits of this machine.

The main operation steps of our linear polishing machine: when the host machine is started, user is supposed to adjust and fix the depth of cut of each cutting head. Then user can put the raw material on transmission belt on by one. The fed material will be transmitted into the cutting area of the machine, and the cutting head will make it prepared. Standing by the other end, the worker can wait for the finished product.

1. The linear polishing machine can mill cement, ceramic, etc, and its grinding head can be replaceable.
2. The pneumatic components of this machine are imported. The machine can depend on the outstanding pneumatic system to control the thickness and width of product precisely.
3. This machine uses full variable speed controller which masters grinding heads (22KW ×2 or more) to save energy and ensure stable running. This linear polishing machine can fit quite the surface of quite many material including color cement tile, marble and terrazzo
4. This polishing machine adopts T type double Polyester transmission belt connected to one axis to ensure the longevity of transmission system of this machine.

Technical Parameters
1. Grinding area: 600 * N millstone
2. Grinding speed:3-6 s/tile
3. Driving method of grinding head: pneumatic
4. Num of grinding head: Customized
5. Transmission speed: variable speed
6. Max size of finished product: 600X600mm
7.Total power: 22KW*N+5.5KW(variable speed)
8. Weight: 3T*N

As a specialized linear polishing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Kebo Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing also provides road edge stone making machine, color concrete roof tile machine, milling machine, concrete block machine, among others.

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