Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine

KB-MJ400 Polishing Machine
Model: KB-MJ-400
Range of product: within 400X400mm with grinding scope:150mm-40mm
Main weight:2.5-3.5T
Size: Φ 1950mmX2000mm

KB-MJ500 Polishing Machine
Model: KB-MJ-500
Max size of product: 500X500 mm
Speed: 4-5pcs/min
Power: 31.5KW
Main weight: 3.7T
Size: Φ 2560mmX2500mm

KB-MJ600 polishing machine
Max size of product: 600X600 mm
Speed: 4-5 pcs/min
Power: 33.5KW
Main weight: 6T
Size: Φ 2860mmX2550mm

We take advantage of wonderful technology to meet various needs from customer. This polishing machine we offered is not only highly automatic and efficient but also easy to maintain and operate. It fully adopts hydraulic or pneumatic transmission system as well the rotary table to run with little noise. Besides it is space and energy saving. According to the need of buyer we can design and manufacture according to the requirements.
Our KB-MJ series polishing machine consists of electrical apparatus box, hydraulic system and host machine. It is entirely made of cast iron. This machine is entirely automatic. It has several mechanical stations and pairs of grinders. These stations can be switched from each other and the machine can transmit the raw material by group to do polishing. The product of this machine has the same appearance of marble. This machine features high and stable performance. It can produce at a speed of 12~15s/tile
The key to evaluate polishing machine is to see whether it can get proper polishing rate. When user is doing flat polishing, the polishing machine can remove the damaged layer at the highest polishing rate. While the user is doing intensive polishing, this machine can also reduce the damaged layer at a required rate. In addition this machine can switch its polisher between coarse and fine grinder.
This polishing machine can be used in many fields widely such as thickness planning, grinding and intensive polishing of both artificial and natural stone. The finished product has smooth appearance, even thickness and exact size.

1. This machine is suitable for polishing terrazzo and marble tile
2. Max size of polishing face can reach 400 mm
3. This machine is entire automatic. It sets several mechanical stations and pairs of grinders. This machine can switch stations, feed and do polishing step by step itself.
4. This machine is very easy to operate and one worker is enough to wait for load.
5. The machine can work at a high speed of 12s/tile
6. The out looking of its product can be compared to that of marble
7. The machine features security and high performs.

Though this Polishing machine has easy structure, it is still in need to enjoy the proper protection from user. After long term continous work, polishing roller of this machine will be heated due to friction, which may easily burn the leather cover. It need to cool down the roller for a while. Before using the mahcine, User should tidy the appearance of polishing roller and use wax to maintain the clean of roller surface. When the machine is running, the user should keep pressure on feeding roller properly so that resistance will not be over big and the electric parts will not burn out. Keep transmission chain of this machine satiny to maintain stable transmission.

Technical Support
We have our professional engineer provide you service. If any problem please turn to 24h hotline +86 151-0510-9068, Nicole yang, or email: kebosale@tilemachine.com.cn. We will soon update you.

As a China polishing machine manufacturer, our company also supplies concrete batching machine, curbstone making machine, color concrete roof tile machine, screw conveyor, among others.

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