Kerb Stone / Curbstone / Road Edge Stone Making Machine

Kerb Stone / Curbstone / Road Edge Stone Making Machine

Our Kerb road edge stone making machine utilizes sand, industrial residue, cinder, slag, etc to make the raw material of road pavement. With a little cement, the raw material can be molded to all types of road-edge stone, color brick, road-edge brick, lawn brick, permeable brick, special brick, etc by this road-edge stone machine. The mould of machine is replaceable. The stone and brick made by this machine are suitable for the road, road, square, highway, etc pavement, which greatly improves the city's ecological environment and beautify urban circumstance by preventing the water and soil loss.
This new mechanical facility of this machine can produce the stone and brick within one meter of length. E.g. hexagonal brick, lawn brick, slope protection brick, road-edge stone. The whole procedure from raw materials to finished products is fully automatic and simple. The product structure is simple, reasonable designed. The machine has less weight lower noise but higher performance in working and energy saving.

Take the self-consumption of machine parts into consideration when you purchase the equipment. E.g. the cost on changing wooden plate and mould, maintain fare, material cost and labor cost.
The Proper investment is wise. For cement products making has little science and technology value inside, the industrial competition is quite a fever now. We advise the buyers to choose a proper investment in equipment purchase and infrastructure construction or there will be a risk. The buyer should think about the funds site market and later cost on equipment. If user chose the exceeding size of investment, it may lead to a production cease and laid-off workers. Our small and medium sized machine can also make the good cement and concrete products. Investor also can benefit quickly by smaller investment if the skilled worker can be kept.

1.Our road-edge stone making machine is equipped with branded Mitsubishi control system and human machine interface to make operation easy. Besides the other electronic parts of machine are all from famous supplier. Thus it can be self-monitored to make terrazzo floor tile.
2. The mould of machine is replaceable. Users can use the machine to make terrazzo road edge stone and curb stone and use polisher to make the stone look like marble. Besides, the tonnage of machine can be customized from 250T to 800T.
3. The terrazzo road edge stone and curb stone made by this machine is environment-friendly and helpful for recycling the waste of industrial and mining enterprise.
4. The machine is able to produce the precise-sized building material that is anti freezing, compression resistant, high strength and brilliant.

1. Daily cleaning is necessary. Power should be cut off after use. Debug the machine before you use it. Any thing should be kept away when the maker is running. The mixer should be set at a stable place with bracket or feet tubes. Anybody is interdicted to pass by when hopper feeder is elevated. During maintain the hopper feeder should be in a safe place.
2. Once the oil leakage happened, the Oil cylinder, valve, valve parts, oil tube and other hydraulic parts should be checked and renewed with oil seal or seal ring, etc or whole replaced in case of risky operation. Oil pump oil motor, etc in operation should be often checked. Please keep the hydraulic system, oil pipeline and hydraulic pressure station internal clean. Please keep the inner space of hydraulic machine oil tube and station clean and attention the running temperature to ensure it is not too high.
3. the molding speed should be strictly controlled. According to the characteristic of product user ought to handle the vibration press time properly and learn about the time of different product. Adjust the feeding quantity and times to balance. Attention the working procedure to avoid accident e.g. tightening the screws.
4. The hydraulic system of stone making machine requires clean hydraulic oil. Road-edge stone machine hydraulic system has many precision pieces, some of which have damping holes, some of which have crack, etc. If some solid impurities invaded, it would cause precision part accidentally scratched and stuck the oil route jammed and so on. That would do harm to hydraulic system of road-edge stone machine General speaking the causes of solid impurities invasion are e.g. the unclean hydraulic oil, unclean refueling tools, error maintenance method, inevitable oil adding, hydraulic components desquamation, etc.
5. This road-edge stone machine requires its corresponding cleaning oil. When maintaining the hydraulic system of this machine, the temperature of oil is advisable between 45 ℃ ~ 80℃. User is advisable to pour high oil flow in system and take away impurities from system as many as possible. Generally speaking in order to achieve the goal of maintaining, the hydraulic system of this machine is advised to be cleaned for three times or more. After being used, the oil should be totally released from system before it is cool down. Finally it is time to clean the filter and change the filter core for new hydraulic oil. The core if possible should be branded so that the quality can be ensured.
6. User is advised to clean and dismantle the oil case lid, filter cover, inspection part, oil tube in order. Once the inner system is exposed, it is required to be away from dust in air. When open the oil box, user should clean out the adherent mud and dust around the lid of oil box especial the dirt appears after the lid moves a little. A word for caution the water wash is forbidden. During the procedure of cleaning, if hammer and wiper is in need, user is advised to ensure the bumping face of hammer is cover with rubber and wiper will not leave any fiber impurity inside. After the hydraulic system of this machine is cleaned, user had better drought off the parts under high pressure fan before reassembling. When user fix the filter please ensure the filter bottom is cleaned. The hydraulic oil must be filtered and injected into machine by clean injector. In addition the user is unwise to remove the filter to accelerate or wear unclean jacket when injecting oil.

host machine, lifter, primary spreader, secondary spreader, hydraulic system, transmission belt, mould, brick car, hydraulic station

Technical parameteres:
Molding pressure 320T
Molding speed 5-6 tiles / min
Main power 7.5KW
Main weight 8 T
AC voltage customized
AC frequency customized

As a major kerb stone making machine manufacturer in China, we also provide linear polishing machine, color concrete roof tile machine, terrazzo tile making machine, cement silo, and more.

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