Stripe Stone / Road Stone Making Machine

  • Double Layer Stripe Stone / Road Stone Making Machine The working process of our double layer stripe stone or road stone making machine mainly consists of two steps. It uses spreader to stripeing the stone and high pressure to mold the stone. During the procedure, customer can set decide the color thickness and type of stripe of stone.
    Our double layer stripe stone making machine is the most outstanding trait of this machine to combine the stripeing process and stone molding. User can use a mould with designed stripe shape inside to mold the stone and there is no need to mill the finished stone anymore...
  • Stripe Stone / Road Stone Making Machine Our stripe stone or road Stone making machine is very easy to operate. It assembles the hydraulic electronic and mechanical systems. Running under the control of PLC, it can work step by step as the presetting program or the instant order from user. This machine uses inner striped mould to making paving or building stone without milling process and the whole line needs 3-4 workers.
    Lifter, mixer, weigh feeder, host machine, mould and polisher...

Our stripe stone or road stone making machine is multifunctional and automatic building stone making equipment. It can be used to flat & intensive polish and stripeing stones independently. According to the needs, User can adjust the thickness brightness color and size of stripe properly. The machine can ensure the out looking of product be smooth and the thickness will be precise. In addition the stripe stone produced by this machine is not only beautiful but also much worthier than primary stone.

1. Our stripe stone making machine is very easy to operate. It consists of hydraulic system electronic system and mechanical system. It is controlled by PLC and can run cycle procedure independently. Through its human-machine interface, operator can control each move of the machine instantly. Thus the daily out put of whole production line by 3-4 workers can reach 2,400 stones.
2. The mould of this machine is high precise and strength, uniform sized and exquisite. it can be used for over 300,0000 times. And the compression device of this machine can generates pressure of over 100 T when molding the stone. Based on the outstanding compression device and mould, the molded stone can be de-mould the very next day. In addition, user can select to buy a mould polisher which can make the mould work longer.
3. Widely using is anther trait of our stone machine. This stripe stone making machine can also produce stripe bricks, concrete color roof title, terrazzo floor tile, tactile lane brick, etc through changing mould.
4. Finished stone produced by this machine has high density and strength. Its out looking seems like that of natural stone so that it can be used as a ideal pavement material of road. Besides the stone produced by our machine has strong water absorption. If it was used in road pavement, the road must be tidy and secure for pedestrians in rainy days. The stripe stone made by this machine has massage function with tactile stripe so that pedestrians can enjoy the walking on the load paved by it. The color of the stone made by our machine can never fade and become fresher and more similar with natural stone after watered. In addition the finished stone from our machine is totally non-radioactive and pollution free.
5. As a technique support of this stripe stone making machine, we provide advisable formulas to make sure all kinds of finished stone have the same looking with natural stripe stone. In addition the source materials of stripe stone made by our machine are easy to gain.

Technique parameters
Size: 2300mmx850mmx1000mm
Tool Diameter: 220 mm
Motor power: 12.5KW
Main axis speed: 1460r/min

As a China-based stripe stone making machine manufacturer, we also provide concrete block machine, color concrete roof tile machine, terrazzo tile making machine, pavement brick and concrete block making machine, and more.

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