Stripe Stone/Road Stone Making Machine

Stripe Stone/Road Stone Making Machine

Our stripe stone or road Stone making machine is very easy to operate. It assembles the hydraulic electronic and mechanical systems. Running under the control of PLC, it can work step by step as the presetting program or the instant order from user. This machine uses inner striped mould to making paving or building stone without milling process and the whole line needs 3-4 workers.

Lifter, mixer, weigh feeder, host machine, mould and polisher

1. Our stripe stone making machine is environment friendly and non-radioactive. It is fed with sand cement crushed stone, etc. The finished stone has the same quality of natural stone but it is two thirds lower in price than natural stone. Thus the machine has great advantage.
2. The high-strength simulation corrugate stone made by this machine can be decorated to granite marble slate sandstone mushroom rock, etc. It has brilliant out looking like natural stone but it is better than natural stone in color aberration. Thus the stone made by our machine can not only harden the floor but also has value of culture appreciation.
3. The finished stone of this stripe stone making machine is clear striped and has high density and strength with good abrasion and skid resistance. If use surface strengthening material and the compound admixtures in combiantion, user can greatly improve the stone strength. The finished stone is several times harder than common ground pavement materials. Copmared with natrual marble and granite, the stone made by our macine has irregular stripe and rougher surface to ensure the skid resisitance. Thus the stone made by our machine is easy for pedestrian to walk on and suitable for pavement of different roads and squares.
4. The process of using our machine to produce building stone is quite simple. Compared with traditional stone making machine which costs lots , this machine use compound admixtures to mix materials then mold the material by Stone simulation device.

The mechanical structure of machine should be cleaned and the power should be cut off after use. The switch box should be locked well after using. machine should be checked and ensure it is safe every time before using.

Technical Support
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Parameters of stripe stone making machine
Model KB125TD30/40 KB125TD50/60
Molding pressure 150T 320T
Molding speed 5-8 tiles / min 3-4 tiles / min
Voltage 380V or customized customized
AC frequency 50HZ or customized customized
Main power 5.5KW 7.5KW
Main weight ≈ 5 T ≈ 7-8 T
Size 2700 ×1600 ×2480mm 3500 × 1600 × 2700 mm

We are a professional stripe stone making machine manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including building block machine, polishing machine, milling machine, road edge stone making machine, concrete batching machine, among others.

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