Double Layer Stripe Stone/Road Stone Making Machine

Double Layer Stripe Stone/Road Stone Making Machine

The working process of our double layer stripe stone or road stone making machine mainly consists of two steps. It uses spreader to stripeing the stone and high pressure to mold the stone. During the procedure, customer can set decide the color thickness and type of stripe of stone.

lifter, mixer, weigh feeder, host machine, mould and polisher.

1. Our double layer stripe stone making machine is the most outstanding trait of this machine to combine the stripeing process and stone molding. User can use a mould with designed stripe shape inside to mold the stone and there is no need to mill the finished stone anymore.
2. The finished stone of this machine has clear stripe high density and strength. The road paved with it is skid proof and easy for pedestrian to walk on. The tactile stripe upon the stone can remove the risk of slipping down and create an elastic illusion under the feet to ease the pedestrian. In addition the lane paved with check stone has the massage function.
3. This stone making machine can make stone with low cost. Its finished stone has wide market and can bring the user great benefits. The machine is environment friendly and easy to operate. It has advanced PLC and human-machine interface which can make it programmable interlocked to secure the working procedure.
4. We provide technique support. Any problem, please turn to 24h hotline +86 151-0510-9068, Nicole yang, or email:

1. User should check and ensure the fitting tightens before running it
2. The electric cable should be set up from the ground in case of wearing out and electric accident.
3. User is supposed to lift the millstone by pressing the handle and ensure it is revolving the same direction with arrow sign before switching on the motor.
4. User is supposed to cease the running machine when hearing any abnormal sound. The steps of switching off refer to those of switching on
5. When work is done, power should be cut off. The host machine should be cleaned and stored in dry place with a cover.  
6. Maintenance is necessary. Check on the insulation resistance before reusing the machine.

Technical Parameters
Model KB125TS30/40 KB125TS50/60
Molding pressure 120T 320T
Molding speed 3 tiles / min 3 tiles / min
voltage 380V( customized) customized
AC frequency 50HZ(customized) customized
Main power 5.5KW 7.5KW
Main weight ≈ 4 T ≈ 6 T

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