Concrete Brick and Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete Brick and Concrete Block Making Machine

Our concrete brick and concrete block making machine is a brick maker which collects the traits that economical, efficient and environmental. It consists of electronics system, hydraulic system and vibration & compression molding device. It features forced spreader and vibration bench thus it can at maximum spread the mixed material in mould evenly. Only using the imported electronic components and uniform hydraulic device, this brick making machine is guaranteed to run continuously and safely.

1. This concrete brick and concrete block making machine creatively adopts photoelectric system to control the storage of material and the material can be ensured to reach the molding part in time. Thus the risk of extra liquefaction has been removed.
2. This machine also can change the extra hydraulic fluid into the energy of strike force required by other parts of machine and use computer to exactly control this procedure.
3. This brick making machine professionally adds a swing type feeding device to hopper feeder. User is supposed to control the feeding quantity through a swing fork to make sure the raw material is fed evenly.
4. This concrete brick making machine is smart. It is equipped with Mitsubishi branded PLC, a touch human-machine interface, vital logic controller and fault diagnostic system. This brick making machine can be full manual controlled, half manual controlled or full automatic controlled. User is supposed to add the orders of move into PLC rather than add workers simply. The parameter of each handling part can be customized. By this way our brick making machine can ensure the standard and quality brick making.
5. This brick making machine is heavy-structure designed. Its structure is made of cast steel and welded in special way. This kind of particular steel structure can ensure the stiffness and weight the machine requires. In addition this outstanding design can efficiently avoid the resonance caused by high speed running to extend the life of whole device.
6. The storage & feeding device of our machine adopts sealed belt transmission. It handles exactly the storage of raw material and removes the liquefaction risk of concrete caused by left vibration.
7. The special vibration mode adopted by our machine utilizes computer to control the flow and pressure of hydraulic system and vertical Synchronous vibration, frequency conversion and brake. This application makes it possible for concrete to fully liquefy and air void in a very short time within 2-3 min.
8. The double end synthesis vibration technology gives the machine reasonable vibration distribution. Its mold jacket is fixed upon the vibration bench and vibrates together with the bench. Press head has another special vibrator on it in order to magnify the vibration effect. By this way the machine can liquefy the concrete quick and amazingly intensive.
9. This concrete brick and block making machine is used widely in recycling all kinds of dust cinder crushed ore and stone industrial trash.
10. By special arch breaker, the raw material can be fed evenly into mold jacket. And based on the double end synthesis vibration technology, the vibration power can be spread evenly in every spot of mold jacket to make sure the same quality and weight of each part of a brick.
11. Hydro-mechatronics design gives this burn-free brick making machine excellent preciseness stability and high performance.

Parameters of KBQ6-15 Concrete Brick and Concrete Block Making Machine
Molding speed 15-18s Output per mould
Vibration frequency 1200-4200 times / min or customized 240×115×53 mm (Standard bricks ) ×30
Excitation force 20-50N or customized 390×190×190mm (block bricks) ×6
General power 36.5 KW 240×115×90 mm (perforated bricks) ×18
Ideal daily output 72000 brick (Standard bricks ) 250×250×60 mm (pavement bricks ) ×6
Size of plate made of bamboo 1050×560×30-35mm 225×111×60 mm (pavement bricks ) ×18
Weight 10.8T 200×100×60 mm (18 bricks )
Size 3200×1900×2600mm

Kebo Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing is a professional concrete brick and concrete block making machine manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including terrazzo tile making machine, linear polishing machine, milling machine, screw conveyor, among others.

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