Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

  • KB125Z-400 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Our KB125Z-400 terrazzo tile making machine is made of high quality steel. It adopts only imported PLC and other components. It mainly produces the tiles with a size under 400X400mm e.g. 300X300mm 250X250mm and 300X500mm. Its structure consists of the lifter mixer, press, mould and grinder. In addition, this terrazzo tile making machine also can make tile whose thickness is customized between 10mm-58mm...
  • KB125Z-600 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Our KB125Z-600 terrazzo tile making machine is high quality steel structural. It exclusively adopts imported components. This machine mainly produces the tiles with a size under 600X600mm e.g. 250X500mm, 300X300mm, 600X600mm, 500X500mm, 600X600mm. Its mainly contains the lifter mixer, press, mould and grinder. In addition, this mod of terrazzo tile making machine also can make tiles with customized thickness between 10mm-58mm...

Our terrazzo tile making machine has models of KB125Z-400, KB125Z-500, KB125Z-600, etc. According to different sizes of floor tile, customer is advised to choose proper mod of machine to ensure stable and efficient manufacture. Our tile making machine is controlled by PLC Programmable Logic Controller with English language HMI human-machine interface, thus user can customize the speed and feeding process easily.

1. Our terrazzo tile making machine is fed with easy gained materials such as cement, stone dust, crushed stone, etc which lowers cost of manufacture greatly.
2. Every dimension of floor tile e.g. length, width, thickness, etc depends on the needs of customer to decide. User can do every flexible setting through the high performance controller.
3. Thanks to self-control and high speed compacting process of this terrazzo tile making machine, the tile products have been almost out of water and will be available for de-mould in just one day.
4. We provide technique supports including the factory foundation figure designed by our experts, operator training, one year warranty, and our outstanding floor tile pattern design or customized pattern design.
5. Our special roller type mixer can make homogenous flow of raw material to make high quality tile, no matter what the structure of tile required by customer is, one layer or double layer.
6. The floor tile received from our terrazzo tile making machine possesses following features. Brilliant marble-like looking after one week of natural caring, high temperature and pressure endurance, waterproof anti-freezing, antiskid, and colorful looking.

Technical Parameters
Molding pressure 130T
Molding speed 6~8 tiles / min
Main power 5.5KW
Main weight ≈ 5 T

Our company is a professional terrazzo tile making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer color concrete roof tile machine, linear polishing machine, strip stone making machine, milling machine, among others.

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