Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

6m Screw Conveyor

Inlet diameter: 219mm
Screw diameter: 200mm
Screw length: 6m
Max transmission speed: 35T/H
Screw speed: 209R/MIN
Working angle: less than 45°
Power: 3 wires, 5.5KW
Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

8m Screw Conveyor

Inlet diameter: 219mm
Screw diameter: 200mm
Screw length: 8m
Max transmission speed: 45T/H
Screw speed: 209R/MIN
Working angle: no more than 45°
Power: 3 wires, 7.5KW
Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

Our screw conveyor can be used in many manufacture fields including building materials, chemical, power, metallurgy and agricultural industries. It can be used both in transmission of powder and small block materials such as coal ash dreg cement and corns.

1. Our screw conveyor adopts the helical structure to convey the materials. This structure helps to mix and blend the material during the process of transmission. According to the feature of different material, User can choose three types of blade, entity band or leaf. The leaf type blade is used mainly in transferring the viscous and compressible material of the machine.
2. The screw axis and hanger axis of the screw conveyer are all end-embedded. That makes the maintenance and dismantlement quite simple. Besides that the mandrel of the machine has a simple design and less trouble spots. 
2. With variable diameter structure and enhanced capacity of suspension bearing, the bearing of this screw conveyer can be apart from material and extend its life to two years or more.
3. The mechanical system of the screw conveyer can ensure fluent transmission. Each transmission part is combined with each other in a suspension joint way. The main suspension bearing is universal joint structural to make itself and the tail assembly a suspending system. Thus in a certain scope, the inner parts can avoid the material flexibly due to the force.
4. The bearing we adopted has long serving life. The housings of head bearing and tail bearing are both out of the enclosure of machine. Both the bearings are multilayer and matching sealed.
5. The actuating device consists of sealed slot box and screw. The machine propels the coal, ash, etc with the rotation of screw. During the process the user is able to stir blend heat and cool the stuff, control the transmission speed by valve. Working in this way, the screw conveying machine is able to own smaller size but higher efficiency.
|6. Our vertical screw conveyor is used in vertical transmission for short distance. Our machine featuring flexible axis and rubber blade can fit well in any industrial field. The blade we used has two specifications, one is instant type which can be customized in thickness and size and the other one is fixed type.
7. This machine we offered has traits of simple structure, economic, good sealing and easy operation. It is wise of user to utilize the equipment with the dip angle less than 20

1. This screw conveyor should start without load in and be fed only when it is running.
2. User should enhance the feeding speed gradually and evenly until reaching the rated transfer capacity of the conveyor. Nevertheless the machine is thought to be blocked and overrun and no doubt the life of the machine will goes out sooner. 
3.In order to ensure the machine can start with no load, user is supposed to make sure there is nothing left in the conveyor when he or she shut the machine.  
4. User should keep the hard or massive parts out of fed material so as to remove the risk of the screw conveyor breaking down.
5. It is wise to check the status of every part of the running machine frequently and remove the risk of loose fasteners  
6. Much attention should be paid to the screw ring of the bolt which fixes the screw tube. Any hidden danger should be removed.
7. The cover of screw conveyer is prohibited to be moved when the machine is running.  
8. User ought to add Lubricant to the connections of screw conveyer regularly.
9. Our conveyor is not suitable for transmission of the viscous materials or the stuff that is easy to agglomerate or go bad, because the above things may adhere to the screw and move with it to cause the blocking of the bearing and failure of whole machine.
10. User is advised to start and shut the machine properly. When switching on the machine, user must make sure the power indicator light is on. When switching off, user must make sure the machine has stopped e.g. the indicator light of belt transmission and variable-frequency drive is off, the monitor shows nothing eccentric.
11. The electronic devices of this machine should be started one by one. Only the one before has been ensured to work normally can the next device be opened.
12.Unprofessional people are forbidden to touch the running belt transmission, electronic components, and control button. Finally, if the operator intends to maintain the conveyor, he or she can not cut the power of variable frequency device partly. It is wise to shut the it wholly and go on maintenance.   
13. when several screw conveyors are in line running, user is advised to start the machines from the outlet one in order. When all the machines are running normally, user can feed material safely.
14. In case the rubber belt runs out of rail, user should stop the machine instantly in order to protect the rubber belt.
15. The type and quantity of material must be available for conveying through the machine. When the machine is running, the temperature of circumstance must be no higher than 50℃ and the temperature of fed material must be no lower than -10℃ or higher than 200℃. The fed material is forbidden to have acid, alkalic oil or Organic solvent composition  
16. No humanity stands upon the belt transmission.
17. User must make sure the motor of the machine insulating. When using our portable screw conveyor, user must keep the wire trim and the motor safe.
18. In case the belt is slipping, user is prohibited to pull it by bare hand.

As a professional screw conveyor manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide concrete batching machine, pavement brick and concrete block making machine, polishing machine, color concrete roof tile machine, and much more.

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