Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer

KBJ-500 Concrete Mixer
Model: KB-500
Export capacity: 500L
Import capacity: 800L
Output: 25M3/H
Power: 18.5KW
Power of lifter: 5.5KW
Power of water pump: 0.75KW,
Speed: 35r/min
Wire: L,N,PE
Voltage: 380V/50hz
Weight: 4500KGS
Size: 3100mmX2200mmX2250mm.

Working process
Our KBJ-500 concrete mixer can start motor of mixer quickly and easily after the protection system of switch is switched on. When the equipment runs in normal condition, User needs to add the stuff into the mixing bowl and add water in too through pump. Then user stands by and waits until the mixing process is done. Finally user just needs to open the discharge door of the machine to let go of stuff. After the stuff all discharged, user should keep in mind to clean the mixer. In term of water supply, our concrete mixer adopts a 750W Single-phase submersible pump at 220v which can timing the supply of water and shut itself.

KBJ-750 Concrete Mixer
Model: KB-750
Export capacity: 750L
Import capacity: 1200L
Output: 35M3/H
Power: 30KW
Power of lifter: 7.5KW
Power of water pump: 0.75KW,
Speed: 31r/min
Wire: L,N,PE
Voltage: 380V/50hz
Weight: 6500KGS
Size: 3700mmX2250mmX2500mm.

KBJ-1000 Concrete Mixer
Model: KB-1000
Export capacity: 1000L
Import capacity: 1600L
Output: 50M3/H
Power: 37KW
Power of lifter: 11KW
Power of water pump: 1.1KW,
Speed: 25r/min
Wire: L,N,PE
Voltage: 380V/50hz
Weight: 8500KGS
Size: 4600mmX2250mmX2550mm.

The forced type concrete mixer manufactured by us consists of stuff barrel, carrier, motor, decelerator, twirling arm, mixing shovel, etc. Due to twirling arm and shovel is connected by cross assembly and the designs of working interval controlled by draw and screw bar, the occasion of mixer getting stuck disappears and the abrasion of shovel greatly lowers. Besides that the angle between the shovel and its travel line is obtuse angle both in horizontal and vertical view, which can greatly improve the effect of mixing. In addition the discharge hole of our machine is set on profile of stuff barrel and user can level the barrel so the machine can discharge stuff efficiently and completely. In term of power, we fix the motor and transmission mechanism under the mixing barrel and use the cycloidal pin wheel decelerator to control the speed of mixer for security.

1. Before starting our concrete mixer, user should check all parts including bolt, machine oil of decelerator, scraper and power. When starting the machine, user should make sure the mixing bowl is empty and there is no abnormal sound inside.
2. After the mixer is shut, user should clean the mixing bowl when all material discharged off and keep the power cut.
3. The mixer should be set in a level place and with its wheel axis placed upon lumps of wood to ensure the stable running of mixer.
4. The concrete mixer should be leakage protected at secondary level. Before the machine is powered on, user should do the motoring test. Then check the running of mixing barrel. Normally the empty barrel can run two or three circles faster than stuffed barrel. If actually it is not so, user should adjust the gear ratio.
5. The movement direction of mixing barrel should be the same with arrow indication or user must change the L and N wire.
6.User should check whether the braker and clutch transmission are flexible and reliable and make sure the pulley and wire are in good condition with nothing barrier nearby.
7. User should often check the inner parts of the concrete mixer.
Make sure the bolt is not loosened and shovels are not bended. When maintaining the machine, user is advised to pour water with crush stone into mixing barrel and start it to clean out the adhered stuff. Then dry off the whole concrete mixer

Technical Support
We provide technique support. Any problem, please turn to 24h hotline +86 151-0510-9068 (Nicole yang) or email:

We are an experienced concrete mixer manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including building block machine, kerb stone making machine, polishing machine, color concrete roof tile machine, and more.

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