Concrete Batching Machine

Concrete Batching Machine

Our KBP-1200 concrete batching machine is assembled by feeding system, weighing system, ECS and so on. Under the control of ESC, the raw material will be fed into the batching machine and distributed as per the formula set by user. Then the batched materials will move into mixer. The batching machine is quite useful in construction, road pavement and bridge project.

1. The concrete batching machine of this series is high automatic. It can set the formula for several aggregates according to the need of user. Besides it can prepare the batched material for two mixers at the same time, which can greatly enhance the production efficiency.
2. Our concrete batching machine of this series is scientific designed. It is easy to use and combine with other devices.
3. Adopting electronic sensor and control system, this machine can do very precise measuring. All the electronic components of the machine are imported and quality. They are capable of anti- interference, precise working and longevity. In addition the machine can be used widely.

Capacity of weighing hopper: 1200L
Capacity of storing hopper: 2500LX2
Speed : 60M3/H
Max metering: 2500KGS
Max feeding height: 2000mm
Distribution store: 2
Method: digital metering
Power: 6.6KW
Size: 6500X1800X2500MM

As a professional concrete batching machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer concrete brick machine, stripe stone making machine, linear polishing machine, milling machine, among others.

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