Cement Silo

  • KBS-20 Cement Silo Our KBS-20 cement silo is cylinder-structure concrete auxiliary equipment braced by four tube landing legs. It is entirely weld up by steel. In term of the components, our cement silo consists of main steel structure, ladder, rails, Feeding tube, dust collector, pressure safety valve, upper and lower storage level meter, discharge valve, etc.
    Our cement silo is rain and moisture proof which is suitable for dry cement powder and pulverized coal storing. It has various specifications including 50T, 100T, 200T...
  • KBS-50 Cement SiloThis silo has a very reasonable structural design. It has storage sensor and arch breaker device inside. User can learn of the condition of inner storage in time and ensure the stored material flow out smoothly and completely. In addition the fixed ash collector upon the silo can ensure the stored material not to leak.
    This device can discharge the stored material in two ways. According to the structure of different model cement silo, user can choose to combine the cement silo with rotary transmission ...

Our cement silo is a quality silo which can store the cement powder, grains, pulverized coal, etc in bulk. It is normally used in cement storing for concrete mixing plant. It is a sealed container with a storage indicator. The Arch breaker device of our cement silo can prevent the storage from sedimentation. User can use spiral pump to transfer the storage from the silo to anywhere. In addition this silo is easy to fix and it is a best reliable friend of all concrete mixing plant.
Cement powder must be stored in a dry place. Our cement silo is a good choice for you. Cement, a kind of gelatin powder, will turn into moldable cement paste after it meets water. Cement paste can harden both in air and water and gather the sand, stone, etc tightly. Cement is an essential building material which can be used in making sand slurry or concrete. The building materials with cement inside can last long and be used in land construction, water project and national defense project.

Working process
Prepare the concrete base well and use crane to erect the cement silo and place it upon the ready base. Then check the angle between the silo and ground to make sure the silo is vertical. Finally weld up the feet of silo and embedded iron part of the base together. After the cement silo is fixed, connect the unloading tube of cement transfer cart to the feeding tube of silo and use the pneumatic system to push cement into the silo. A word for caution here, the operator must keep pressing the switch button of vibrator of ash collector to clean the cement upon the filter Bag to avoid accidental explosion. User can see the condition of inner space through both the upper storage level meter and lower one. When discharging, user needs to open the manual valve under the silo first and then use the cement transmission device to lead the material inside out. Once the cement arch occurred, user should press the button of breaker to blow air in and break the arch. Once some error happened, user is supposed to shut the discharging valve ASAP.

Note: the installation of the cement silo must be done by professional operator. avoid unexpected problems caused by unskilled person.

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