Cement Silo

Cement Silo

Our KBS-20 cement silo is cylinder-structure concrete auxiliary equipment braced by four tube landing legs. It is entirely weld up by steel. In term of the components, our cement silo consists of main steel structure, ladder, rails, Feeding tube, dust collector, pressure safety valve, upper and lower storage level meter, discharge valve, etc.

1.Our cement silo is rain and moisture proof which is suitable for dry cement powder and pulverized coal storing. It has various specifications including 50T, 100T, 200T, etc and its size also can be customized.
3.This silo has a very reasonable structural design. It has storage sensor and arch breaker device inside. User can learn of the condition of inner storage in time and ensure the stored material flow out smoothly and completely. In addition the fixed ash collector upon the silo can ensure the stored material not to leak.
4.This facility can discharge the stored material in two ways. According to the structure of different model cement silo, user can choose to combine the cement silo with rotary transmission device and draw material directly out into gauge or choose to use the pneumatic device.

Technical Parameters
Diameter of silo: 2.1m
Height of silo: 1.5X2m
Total height: 5.8m
Steel plate thickness: 4mm

We are a specialized cement silo manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide concrete block machine, pavement brick and concrete block making machine, color concrete roof tile machine, polishing machine, and much more.

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